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Coworking Concept

Coworking is simply a shared office space that is designed to make you more productive and encourage collaboration.

CoMilan starts as a coworking space but has a flare for business. Are you looking for a place to meet with customers? This is your space. Are you looking for a place to host an event? This is your place. Are you looking for a place to start your business? This is your place.

It depends on who you are. Are you a freelancer? This is a great place to get your work in-front of others. Are you a work from home employee? This is a great place for you to be productive away from the house. Do you own a business? This is a great place to start or build your business. You can meet with customers, or have your mail delivered here.

CoMilan will attract local talent to a central location, creating a hotbed for idea generation. It is also a launching pad for new businesses in Milan.

Business Incubator

Business incubation is a combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development.

We have events to teach you how to start a new business. You will be surrounded by people on the same journey. Have questions along the way? We have successful business owners working in this space. Surround yourself with the excitement and people you are looking for. CoMilan is the rally point.

CoMilan will host events teaching actual techniques for what is working in our small town or southeastern Michigan. You will also be surrounded by talented professionals, this will allow you to grow your network.


Go to the sign up page located here where you can sign up. Once finished you will receive an email from with the 24/7 pin code, wifi passwords etc.

No, you can sign up with a day pass. For the monthly memberships recurring payments are required. No worries though, if you need to cancel we will stop the payments. Just let us know.

The use of the conference room. If you have the premium membership you will be able to reserve the conference room for meetings where you can invite guests.

Yes, the daily rate is $20. This includes a pass to CoMilan for 24 hours.


Once you sign up for a premium or executive membership you will receive an email with instructions. You will be able to reserve the conference room at anytime. We have an online calendar where members can check availability and reserve meetings.

Once you sign up for a basic, premium or executive membership you can request a PIN. You will be emailed with instructions to gain access off hours.

The use of the printer is free to members. They can print black and white or color. Once you create a membership you will receive instructions to install our printer.

Contact the united states postal service to change your address to 17 West Main St. By request we will generate a suite number for you. Your address will look like 17 West Main St. Suite 21 Milan, MI 48160

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Please do not hesitate to ask. It is important that CoMilan serves our community. Lets discuss how this might work for you.